Practice against Soul-Crushing moments

While on your journey, there will be times when it is of the utmost importance to stay positive and appreciate how far one has come. Some obstacles can be soul crushing. Rush hour traffic comes to mind. One can't do anything about how massive the obstacle is. It is larger than life itself. What one can do is prepare oneself better for said obstacle.

To practice and prepare for these unpredictable moments one must push when all of the rules are decided by the player. One must push harder than previously thought capable. It is in this way that one can fortify the soul against being crushed in scenarios that are not of the player's design. To face and overcome adversity created by the mind is a simple achievment, but one that provides a safe space for the mind to test and grow its limits.

06:10 p.m. 04 Aug 2014 |

  • Uncomfortable Budgeting

    When you get into a serious relationship, I can not stress the importance of proper budgeting enough. Improper budgeting is the difference between working somewhere that grinds you down Mon-Fri only to find out at the end of the week you need to make more money and "I'm paid, bitch! Round of drinks for everyone on me!!!!". Also, remember to talk about everything with your partner. There are so many fights that can be very easily avoided just by communicating.

    Another thing, we all have to stop avoiding situations that make us feel uncomfortable. We must learn to sit with the discomfort for at least long enough to locate the source and come up with a solution. I have gotten in the habit of going running when I feel that uncomfortable feeling. Why? Because running forces me to breathe big deep breaths or slow the eff down. It forces me to face my emotions in a way that is explosive but safe. Sometimes I'll go out and just yell. Maybe grumble is a better word, but I let it rip. I curse, and blame, and pity, and get more upset, and then it all just slides away. The solution becomes clear and 9.5 times out of 10 I discover that the problem has been my own doing.

    Life is funny if you laugh at it.

    07:20 a.m. 01 Aug 2014 |

  • For Kyle, the Painter.

    An artist I have grown to know and respect asked me if I wrote earlier this week. When I first heard the question I started to get offended because I have filled countless journals and notebooks up with stuff that, in my opinion, no one would ever want to read. Eventually I was able to put my thoughts into words and I came up with something about letting people read what I write when it was "actually good". That's shit. So here I am with my thoughts, a web server, and a blog.

    First off, I have to say I am deeply concerned by the amount of time I spend at my job. Let me start at the beginning. I started working a full-time job on a TV show a few weeks ago. I had to because there are so many things I want to do in life and making music just does not pay the bills. Now I have the job and I won't say I don't like it, but I will say it leaves much less time to do other things that I might enjoy more. Sure I make money for it, but I'm not always certain the pay off is just.

    05:30 a.m. 31 Jul 2014 |

  • More space for breathing

    Just finished mixing and mastering on Shon Hayes' Dios. Yikes am I glad to be done.

    Outlandish w/ Civ prod. Lonnie Ro

    I've been recording some vocals for my album and tightening things up, but I'm moving quite slowly this go-around. Your patience is appreciated. I have a mix engineer around here somewhere..

    Things are different but the same on my end. Everything is hard until the breakthrough.

    06:38 p.m. 28 Jan 2014 |

  • Build Your Own Ship

    Then sink it.

    09:52 a.m. 02 Nov 2013 |

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  • GoldGold

    Krautrock meets reggae.

    09:37 p.m. 31 Oct 2013 |

  • Lovely

    No lyrics, but there is love somewhere in the sound.

    09:00 p.m. 15 Oct 2013 |

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  • Part of the Pack [VIDEO]

    Directed by: Irving Hillman

    12:00 p.m. 28 Jan 2013 |

  • Sleep Happy [VIDEOS]


    What'd You Leave For

    F*** To This


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