More space for breathing

Just finished mixing and mastering on Shon Hayes' Dios. Yikes am I glad to be done.

Outlandish w/ Civ prod. Lonnie Ro

I've been recording some vocals for my album and tightening things up, but I'm moving quite slowly this go-around. Your patience is appreciated. I have a mix engineer around here somewhere..

Things are different but the same on my end. Everything is hard until the breakthrough.

06:38 p.m. 28 Jan 2014 |

  • Build Your Own Ship

    Then sink it.

    09:52 a.m. 02 Nov 2013 |

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  • GoldGold

    Krautrock meets reggae.

    09:37 p.m. 31 Oct 2013 |

  • Lovely

    No lyrics, but there is love somewhere in the sound.

    09:00 p.m. 15 Oct 2013 |

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  • Part of the Pack [VIDEO]

    Directed by: Irving Hillman

    12:00 p.m. 28 Jan 2013 |

  • Sleep Happy [VIDEOS]


    What'd You Leave For

    F*** To This


    08:13 p.m. 20 Apr 2012 |