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shonHayes - "Paint" (prod by. Me)

I'm so glad this is finally out. We worked on this track together a long time ago, but the timing hasn't been right for release until this week.

With all of the changes that have happened in my life over the past year this is just what I needed to pull me back.

09:13 a.m. 08 Aug 2015 |

  • More space for breathing

    Just finished mixing and mastering on Shon Hayes' Dios. Yikes am I glad to be done.

    Outlandish w/ Civ prod. Lonnie Ro

    I've been recording some vocals for my album and tightening things up, but I'm moving quite slowly this go-around. Your patience is appreciated. I have a mix engineer around here somewhere..

    Things are different but the same on my end. Everything is hard until the breakthrough.

    06:38 p.m. 28 Jan 2014 |

  • Build Your Own Ship

    Then sink it.

    09:52 a.m. 02 Nov 2013 |

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  • GoldGold

    Krautrock meets reggae.

    09:37 p.m. 31 Oct 2013 |

  • Lovely

    No lyrics, but there is love somewhere in the sound.

    09:00 p.m. 15 Oct 2013 |

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