Long Day

I started today off intent on making changes to software that I told my team yesterday I would make today. I worked on those changes for a few hours and then got a phone call that led to me writing a Microsoft Word macro in visiual basic for a long time. Oh yeah, I learned a little visual basic today. Then I got in an argument. That ruined my mood. Then I ate lunch (at McDonalds). Then I took the train home and it was kind of surreal and calming and beautiful and so much at once. Then I took an uber to a bar to have some drinks because what a fucking day today has been. Then I took an uber home in a mercedes (I've never been in a mercedes). The uber driver was super talkative (all uber drivers are, actually). He told me about how he used to own a business in Canada. I never got the story on how he ended up in LA. We talked about what I do for work. I kept it real with him. He was more inquisitive about what I do for work. Then he thought about it all for a few minutes so the end of the car ride was silent. It was nice. Here I am now. Reminiscing on QOTSA lullabies to paralyze.

19:36 p.m. May 22 2015