This part of my life is over

If you haven't yet noticed, Mikezilla is dead. In his place is a guy named Michael, sometimes Mike, and, on even more rare occaisons, MJ. He's ok with moving on to the otherside because all things must end. It's been a long time coming actually. Music is different than it was even a year ago. 7+ years ago seems like a lifetime. I feel some nostalgia coming on...I'll let it pass.

There are a lot of other interesting things happening in life. So I'm planning on doing them. I started working a full time job as a web developer. I am pretty passionate about programming, actually. I'm still pretty passionate about music, but I'm not attracted to the work it takes anymore and so much of it is just me by myself. It's lonely. I became lonely. I think you can hear it in the music I was making. That doesn't mean I'm permanently set as a developer. It means I'm seeing what's on the otherside now.

With that, I'm releasing Jack. I won't say there won't be any promoting or "fanfare", but I'm also not making any plans to do those things right now. There are other interesting things happening in life. It's been real.

06:26 a.m. Dec 16 2014