Uncomfortable Budgeting

When you get into a serious relationship, I can not stress the importance of proper budgeting enough. Improper budgeting is the difference between working somewhere that grinds you down Mon-Fri only to find out at the end of the week you need to make more money and "I'm paid, bitch! Round of drinks for everyone on me!!!!". Also, remember to talk about everything with your partner. There are so many fights that can be very easily avoided just by communicating.

Another thing, we all have to stop avoiding situations that make us feel uncomfortable. We must learn to sit with the discomfort for at least long enough to locate the source and come up with a solution. I have gotten in the habit of going running when I feel that uncomfortable feeling. Why? Because running forces me to breathe big deep breaths or slow the eff down. It forces me to face my emotions in a way that is explosive but safe. Sometimes I'll go out and just yell. Maybe grumble is a better word, but I let it rip. I curse, and blame, and pity, and get more upset, and then it all just slides away. The solution becomes clear and 9.5 times out of 10 I discover that the problem has been my own doing.

Life is funny if you laugh at it.

07:20 a.m. Aug 01 2014