You can feel how unfair life is when a magazine cover has a guy that caused a fatal accident on the cover in the same month as another famous guy who lost his friend in a fatal accident and was placed in a coma. I am learning to be grateful. Watching Tracy Morgan's Today show interview I felt like I understood why he was being so nice-ish in Wal-Mart's direction. It's hard to heal when you are holding on to negative thoughts. You have to move on. At the same time, it's hard to stomach that a male-now-female olympic athlete actually killed someone and is being lauded for the bravery of having sex reassignment surgery instead of being taken to bat for killing someone with their car. I suppose I don't know what either of them is going through, but I can't make sense of any of it except to say, "life isn't fair".

20:56 p.m. Jun 01 2015