Why I went missing

If you are a fan of mine then you will have noticed that I went missing sometime in 2013. I even told folks that I was going to put out the follow-up to Sleep Happy in Spring of that year. Here we are in late September of 2014 and still no album. I've even had the fucking audacity to stay active on twitter while simultaneously not addressing dropping this ball.

The long and the short is: I don't have an excuse for last year but this year is different.

The album wasn't ready last year. I had no confidence in what I made. I tried to get a friend of mine to help out on the post-production side, but that just did not pan out. That fucked with my confidence, too. I was all thinking, "if I can't even get my friend to help me with this then why would anyone want to even listen?". I did get over it and I finished the album in April, but that still doesn't explain what happened between now and then.

I have been building Wavcrate.

In February 2014 I was really going through it. Very depressed. Not getting out of bed some days. The whole fucking nine yards. One of the ways I get myself out of the viscious cycle of depression is by occupying my time. I came up with an idea for a website that would help musicians premiere their albums. I needed a website to host every album I had ever done in addition to anything else that was coming after. Soundcloud wouldn't work because it only allowed so much time. Bandcamp wouldn't work because I couldn't customize the album page the way that I wanted. The thing I was looking for looked more like Tumblr than anything else, but I didn't need all that came along. So I set out to build a service that would at least help me post my albums.

The site isn't ready for new users yet, but I am letting some people in. I have even uploaded Sleep Happy and re-designed the page for that album. (Downloads for Sleep Happy have been down for about 4 months, but they are back now at this page)

Now I am finishing the artwork for the new album Jack and It will be out this fall.

10:41 a.m. Sep 23 2014